Mr. Jeffrey R. Bentley

Chief, National Gateway Branch, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

Mr. Jeffrey R. Bentley

Jeffrey (Jeff) R. Bentley is the Chief, National Gateway Branch, Communications Gateway Division, Infrastructure Directorate, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). As the Program Manager for the Organizational Message Service (OMS) he is responsible for planning, resourcing, sustaining and evolving the technologies of the National Gateway Centers to deliver cutting edge messaging and directory support solutions and services in order to provide seamless interoperability across our customer community for the preservation of National Defense.

OMS provides a range of assured messaging and directory services to the Military Services, DoD Agencies, Combatant Commands, non-DoD US Government activities, the Intelligence Community and NATO/Allied Mission Partners to empower secured military messaging interoperability.

Prior to this position upon returning from a deployment supporting United States Forces – Afghanistan (USFOR-A), he was the Chief, DISN Video Services (DVS-G) Division and Deputy PM of Global Video Service (GVS) as the IP based video system transitioned into operational status and replaced DVS-G. In these roles, he was responsible for strategic planning, acquisition, project execution and sustainment of the video infrastructure and transport in providing video services to the Department of Defense.

Mr. Bentley came to DISA after spending a few years in industry where he led information technology and intelligence initiatives focused on the DoD’s missions in the Balkans and Kosovo regional conflicts.

Mr. Bentley served in the U.S. Army where he held a variety of jobs and supported numerous operational overseas deployments in Southwest Asia, Africa and the Balkans.

Mr. Bentley received his undergraduate degree in Business from Grantham University.

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