Ms. Allison Ressler Tsiumis

Section Chief of the Cyber Intelligence Section, FBI Cyber Division

Ms. Allison Ressler Tsiumis

Allison Ressler Tsiumis has served in various analytic and leadership positions at the Federal Bureau of Investigation since April 1987.

From 1988 – 1992, Ms. Tsiumis served as a Management Analyst at the National Crime Information Center, where she conducted compliance audits nationwide on state and local law enforcement and criminal justice agencies’ use of the NCIC system. During her time in NCIC, she was promoted to Supervisory Management Analyst.

In 1993 Ms. Tsiumis transitioned to the National Security Division, working as an Intelligence Operations Specialist in support of the FBI’s Counterterrorism program. From 1997 – 2003, Ms. Tsiumis served in the Counterterrorism Division’s Weapons of Mass Destruction program and the National Domestic Preparedness Office, which was established to provide WMD preparedness assistance to state and local agencies. Also while in CTD, Ms. Tsiumis provided analytic support to numerous major terrorism investigations.

In 2003, Ms. Tsiumis was detailed to the multi-agency National Media Exploitation Center, where she served as team lead on high priority data exploitation in support of FBI investigations on terrorism threats to the Homeland. Ms. Tsiumis received Joint Duty Certification for her collaborative efforts, which entailed the rapid exploitation and sharing of media throughout the U.S. Intelligence Community and participation in the development of policies and standards for the widest possible dissemination of this material within the USIC.

Ms. Tsiumis entered the FBI’s strategic analytic cadre and was promoted to Supervisory Intelligence Analyst in 2006, when she joined the CTD/Counterterrorism Analysis Section. In 2007, she was promoted to Unit Chief, where she led strategic analytic programs and intelligence production of multiple CTAS units. During her service in CTAS, Ms. Tsiumis again received Joint Duty Certification in recognition of her collaborative activities with the ODNI/National Counterterrorism Center. From 2012 – 2014, Ms. Tsiumis served as Acting Assistant Section Chief of CTAS.

In April 2014, Ms. Tsiumis entered the Senior Executive Service when she was appointed Section Chief of the Cyber Intelligence Section within the FBI Cyber Division. Her section is responsible for providing actionable, strategic and anticipatory intelligence that drives operations, informs decisions, and advances understanding and deterrence of cyber threats to U.S. interests.

Ms. Tsiumis graduated with a Bachelor of Science in International Affairs from the University of Virginia.

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